Dan Weiskopf Speaks at ETF Managed Portfolio Summit

The ETF Managed Portfolio Summit is one of the only events that bring both ETF manufacturing and distribution leaders together to help them grow assets and market share. For conference information visit here to download complete details.  Hear ETF expert Dan Weiskopf speak on STRUCTURE MATTERS September 9-10 at the Turnberry Isle Resort, Florida.

Conference Presentation Schedule

 February 10, 2014  at 1pm

IMCA 2014 New York Consulting Conference

Location: The New York Marriott Marquis

Subject: ETF Trading and Liquidity 

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January 27th at 3:05 pm in section A

The subject matter that will be discussed:

Multi-Asset Class Yield Solution – A Players book for Rising Interest Rates. The search for yield has been a struggle since the crisis of 2008, with investors piling into everything from high-yield bonds to equity dividend strategies.Should investors be turning to multi-asset-class yield strategies?And what ETFs can provide this exposure for clients? 

  • Why multi-asset strategies make sense in the current environment
  • The construction of multi-asset yield ETFs analyzed
  • The best multi-asset strategies for 2014

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Hello Doly